Aeronautical Information Management


Dynamic information changes at short notice outside defined AIRAC dates and takes the form of Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and pre-flight information bulletins (PIB).

The function of this unit is to ensure that all data pertaining to a particular flight is available and accurate so that Air Traffic Controllers can make informed control decisions contributing to smooth, safe management of air traffic.

AIMU offers a briefing service that enables pilots to file and manage their flight plans, obtain NOTAM and MET pre-flight briefings specific to their flights, as well as access a database of global static aeronautical data.

The AIMU is the designated NOTAM office for South Africa and manages all South African NOTAM, as well as NOTAM for 118 countries around the globe. This NOTAM data, as well as meteorological data, is available to pilots and operators in the form of pre-flight information bulletins (PIB). PIBs can be obtained from the AIMU, who have the ability to provide these in a number of formats and through multiple media.