ATNS Values


  1. This person understands customer needs and puts action plans in place to provide the best solutions
  2. This person treats customers’ reasonable expectations as a priority without compromising safety and sustainability
  3. This person ensures compliance with safety standards and procedures to provide a safe environment for staff and customers
  4. This person sees the bigger picture and takes into account the impact of their activities on ATNS as a whole
  5. This person follows up with customers and ensures we deliver on our promises


  1. This person is an ambassador for ATNS
  2. This person takes full ownership of successes and failures and does not shift blame
  3. This person displays ethical conduct
  4. This person holds their team members accountable for delivering on their promises
  5. This person understands the real value of mutual accountability between portfolios


  1. This person is consistent in their application of rewards and reprimands
  2. This person treats his/her team equitably, irrespective of race, gender and status
  3. This person applies the ATNS values, policies and procedures reasonably
  4. This person communicates consistently with all stakeholders


  1. This person derives maximum benefit from lessons learnt
  2. This person embraces beneficial change, reasonable risk-taking and unconstrained thinking without compromising safety
  3. This person is receptive to new ideas/feedback and seeks to deliver best practice
  4. This person uses effective change management techniques and good leadership to identify and act on opportunities to improve ATNS efficiencies and sustainability


  1. This person transparently disseminates information timeously to relevant stakeholders
  2. This person encourages frank and open two-way conversations with stakeholders at all levels
  3. This person is accessible, listens well and encourages debate and honest feedback
  4. This person shows empathy when communicating information to staff at all levels
  5. This person promotes information and knowledge sharing across all disciplines and departments


  1. This person creates an environment where employees are recognised for making positive contributions
  2. This person motivates staff by promoting their learning and development and creating opportunities for exposure
  3. This person provides honest and regular feedback constructively and respectfully
  4. This person understands that people are holistic beings and promotes a work life-balance