Our 2022 Sustainability Vision

At ATNS, we drive a culture of sustainability by promoting, monitoring and adopting sustainable Air Traffic Management solutions that enable sustainable development. We invest in sustainability at every level to benefit, inspire current and future generations.

Our commitment is to make a big difference through our footprint, in Africa and beyond. Sustainability is not only our way of operating, it is the core of our corporate strategy.

The below programs are currently being implemented to ensure that we achieve the 2022 vision on creating sustainable growth.

Stakeholders are increasingly demanding sustainable returns as well as shared value, this means that sustainability triple bottom-line forms part of a business’s survival and existence in the 21st century.

In response to this, ATNS has developed a strategy which will help to achieve a sustainable vision.  It entails establishing programs that will promote good business practice. This will ensure that the organization meets industry expectations and positions ATNS in line with global sustainability standards, as well as ensuring compliance to legal and other industry requirements.