Why work for us

The HR department is responsible for the implementation of the recruiting processes within ATNS and also ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to in this regard. ATNS utilises reputable and highly-recognised interview techniques as well as applicable assessments in sourcing and attracting highly-qualified prospective employees.

The interview technique used is the Competency Based Interview style and there are various types of assessments used i.e. Personality Profile Analysis, SHL Assessments and Assessment Centres.

The following are some of the careers available at ATNS within different departments:


  • Air Traffic Control Officers
  • Airspace Efficiency
  • AIM Clerks
  • Flow Management Specialists
  • Central Airspace Management Specialists


  • Technicians
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Project Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
    • Network Infrastructure Personnel
    • ICT Technicians
    • Chief Specialist
    • Research Specialist

Air Traffic Management

  • Aeronautical Information Services Specialists
  • Air Traffic Management Specialists
  • Human Factors Specialists
  • Investigations and Standards Specialists
  • Surveyors
  • Flight Procedure Designers

ATNS Aviation Training Academy

  • ATS Instructors
  • Engineering Instructors
  • Simulator Support Officers
  • Course Administrators
  • Instructional Designers


  • Employee Wellness Practitioners
  • HR Generalists
  • Employee Relations Practitioners
  • HR and Payroll Administrators
  • Organisational Development Practitioners


  • Financial Accountants
  • Management Accountants
  • Creditors and Debtors
    • Billing
  • Procurement Specialists

Information Technology

  • Knowledge and Information Specialist
  • Business Systems Specialists
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Project Management Specialists

Commercial Services

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Officer
  • Communication Officer
  • Branding

Risk and Compliance

  • Security Specialist
  • Local Quality Representative

Optimisation and Strategy