Aeronautical Information Management


Static data is common to civil aviation documented in Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP), AIP supplements and other related documents.

Aeronautical information which falls within the “Static” component of aeronautical information is published with pre-defined effective dates. The AIRAC system defines a series of pre-defined common effective dates at which aeronautical information will be published and when the information will become effective for the use by the aviation industry, like Pilots, Airlines, Air Traffic Controllers and Airport Operators. Data elements like Runway Thresholds, Navaids, Frequencies, Airspaces, Waypoints and Routes contained in the publications are pre-programmed into various electronic/automated systems such as aircraft Flight Management Systems (FMS), Air Traffic Control Systems and Airport Management Systems with the relevant AIRAC effective date, to ensure that the entire aviation industry utilises the same information at the same time.