Flight Procedure Design

The Flight Procedure Design Department has the infrastructure, equipment and expertise to design and verify Flight Procedures and Airspace Development. This Department aims to add value to the operations of clients by designing safe and efficient instrument and non-instrument procedures that will allow optimisation of operation capabilities.

In November 2014 ATNS was certified under PART 173 as an approved Flight Procedure Design organisation by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

The Department has a complement of seven Procedure Designers. All ATNS Procedure Designers are qualified to utilise IDS (FPDAM) specialised procedure design software tools to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Various flight and technical tolerances, as defined by ICAO, are applied to designs in order to ensure safety and to promote efficiency. The final chart product is in compliance with ICAO charting Standards and Recommended Practices and client requirements.

The following specific services are provided:

  1. Non-precision Instrument Approach Procedures design or verification, including Global Navigation Satellite System procedure (e.g. VOR/DME, NDB, Localiser and GNSS)
  2. Precision Instrument Approach Procedure design or verification (e.g. ILS)
  3. Approaches with Vertical Guidance (e.g. SBAS/BAROVNAV)
  4. Standard Arrival Route (STAR) and Standard Instrument Departure (SID) Procedure design or verification
  5. Air Route (including RNAV) and Airspace design or verification
  6. ICAO Annex 14 Obstacle Evaluations
  7. Obstacle and building restrictions on and in the vicinity of airport
  8. Aviation consulting relating to procedure and airspace design


  1. Namibia CAA
  2. Cabo Verde Air Navigation Service Provider (ASA)
  3. Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA)
  4. Richards Bay Municipality
  5. Angola (ENANA)
  6. SA Express Airlines
  7. South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  8. MTN
  9. Vodacom
  10. Lanseria Airport Management
  11. Lesotho
  12. United Nations
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