ATNS’s all-new Collaborative ATNS Air Traffic System (CAATS) is set to revolutionise the operational capacity of Air Traffic Controllers and catapult Air Traffic Management into a new dimension. As one of only four countries in the world utilising this system, CAATS puts ATNS at the cutting-edge of aviation.

CAATS features

    1. New JHMI Air Situation Display
    2. Multi-Sensor Surveillance Processing – able process Wide Area Multilateration, ADS-B and ASMGCS surveillance data
    3. FPL 2012 Compliant
    4. GRIB 2 Compliant
    5. ADEXP Message Processing – able to process CAMU slot messages
    6. Exact Air Situation Display Recordings
    7. Predictive weather display
    8. Ability to perform 90 days online video and audio playbacks
    9. Ability to create universal portable files of the video and audio playback sessions
    10. Ultimate Fallback System
    11. New Desktop Consoles
    12. DAID Touchscreen
    13. New ATNS Aviation Training Academy Simulator
    14. Enhanced Safety Nets and Monitoring Aid Alerts
    15. AMHS Ready
    16. ATN Ready
    17. ANAIS Air Situation Display Window
    18. Hosting of Third Party Client Windows
    19. Digital Overhead Map Displays