WGS-84 Surveying

The Survey Section of the Aeronautical Information Services Department has the infrastructure, equipment and expertise to provide full GPS (WGS-84) Airport Surveys

This service is conducted in accordance with the standards of both the ICAO Doc 9674 and the United States National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Terminal Aviation GNSS Geodetic Programme. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigational technology based on constellations of 24 satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of approximately 20 000 kms. This system is capable of sub-centimetre accuracy worldwide. WGS-84 supports RNAV/GNSS.


The survey team operates throughout the African continent and can be deployed globally. The equipment employed is the latest and top of the range, capable of establishing geodetic connections for those countries which do not have the WGS-84 system as their national network. All team members are Registered Surveyors and are certified in Practical Airport Radiotelephony & Airside Competency as well as holding Airside Vehicle Operators Permits.


ATNS has been conducting airport and related surveys since 1996. The list below indicates the projects to date:

Country Airports Dates Client
Angola 8 1999 CAA
Gambia 1 2001 FAA
Kenya 3 2001 FAA
Ivory Coast 2 2001 FAA
Maldives 1 2001 FAA
Madagascar 3 2001 FAA
Ethiopia 3 2003 FAA
Rwanda 3 2003 FAA
Uganda 1 2002 FAA
Guinea Bissau 1 2003 FAA
Guinea 1 2003 FAA
Djibouti 1 2003 FAA
Sierra Leone 1 2003 FAA
Burundi 1 2004 FAA
Mozambique 1 2003 FAA
Namibia 8 2002/04 NDCA
DRC 10 2005 UN/MONUC
Mabatho SA 1 2004 Municipality
Vereeniging SA 1 2002 Municipality
PMB SA 1 2002 Municipality
Lanseria SA 1 2004 A/P Management
Cape Verde 7 2005 ASA
Swaziland 1 2006 Swaziland Government
ACSA SA 10 1996-Present ACSA