Second African Symposium on Human Factors and Safety in Aviation
Human error is identified as the main cause or contributory factor in approximately 75% of all aviation accidents and incidents. As such, understanding human error, especially in an African context, is crucial as we seek to improve aircraft and passenger safety going forward.

In order to address these concerns, Air Traffic and Navigation Services SOC Limited (ATNS) in partnership with CANSO Africa, the University of the Witwatersrand, the University of Pretoria, Rhodes University and the Ergonomic Society of South Africa hosted the Second African Symposium on Human Factors and Aviation Safety with the theme ‘From talking to doing safety’.

The Symposium focused on ways to reduce the occurrence and impact of human factors and improve human performance going forward, and provided a platform for aviation professionals and academics to collaborate from an operational and research perspective.

Understanding human factors in aviation is a process that is continually evolving as new technologies and ways of dealing with, to name a few, crew resource management, training and fatigue become more advanced.

A special session on day three of the Symposium was dedicated to patient safety providing the aviation and medical industry with insight regarding ways of approaching human performance.

Coming to grips with human factors and its importance is central to thinkers and doers in the aviation industry and this Symposium was a pivotal gathering of aviation professionals and insight on human factors.

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