Ground-To-Air - Issue 13

In a piece she wrote in recognition and celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, Thembeka Khumalo, an ATNS Sustainability Graduate Trainee, agonisingly stated that, in some countries, gender inequality begins at birth for most girls. “They are not given an opportunity to go to school, with some being forced into an early marriage. This limits their opportunity to gain skills or to enter the labour market”. On a positive note, Thembeka noted that progress has been made. She mentioned that more girls are getting an education and more women are serving in leadership roles. “Women and girls are now the ones driving climate change adaptation and mitigation”. This is profound!

Every year, South Africa commemorates Women’s Day on August 9. And the entire month of August is always dedicated to exploring the challenges faced by women in this country, such as unfair exclusion from a myriad of supposedly equal opportunities and gender-based violence. In the same vein, we are afforded an exclusive opportunity to celebrate their unprecedented milestones, outstanding achievements, and exceptional bravery in standing against and overcoming gender bias and abuse.

The women of this country are simply phenomenal. They are remarkable. They are incredible. They have carved a path of their own. Amidst all these and other related challenges, they have emerged resolute and focused on contributing immensely to South Africa’s socioeconomic development. They are firm, smart, intelligent, and truly patriotic. They are collectively geared to correct the unwarranted perception that women are somehow second best to men when it comes to thinking, speaking and ideating independently. At ATNS, we are blessed to have such womenfolk in our midst. And we value them immensely.

Most of the articles in this edition were written by a group of fantastic, exceptional and indefatigable women from within our Editorial Team.

So, what’s in store for you in our Women’s Month edition?

Well, you can read about the recent National Aviation Gender Summit, hosted by SACAA. And you can find out who our guest writer – who happens to be an Ergonomist by profession – is, as she delves into work organisation in a public hospital and how it promotes safe care.

Other profound and fascinating stories include the Department of Transport and DIRCO working together to host a breakfast for foreign ambassadors, in a drive to solicit support for South Africa’s re-election to ICAO council, the recent international GADSS workshop, ICAO USAP-CMA Audit, 2022 OpsCom meeting as well as the recent ARCC-led simulation exercise.

As you are about to find out, this scintillating edition has plenty of excellent articles solely designed and packaged to pique your interest.

The Editor

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